January 30, 2024

What Does it Mean to Be a Spiritual Person?

we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Spiritual or religious, more people are taking an holistic view of life. More are recognizing the value of practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga and service as ways of building closer connections to the divine - with hopes that doing so will result in happier lives.

But what exactly is spirituality? Attending places of worship, reading religious texts, praying or meditating regularly or simply connecting with the divine through meditation in nature or joining praise-gathering services may all count. But the important thing is connecting authentically and staying open for guidance as an act of service - being spiritual doesn't just have one singular definition!

One potential danger lies in using spirituality as a means of evading difficult challenges or emotions, known as spiritual bypassing. Doing this may also lead to dogmatism and an unhealthy pride towards other non-believers.

Another potential advantage of being spiritual is increasing hope and optimism. A more optimistic outlook can help us face life's many obstacles more confidently and see beauty all around us.


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