August 18, 2023

What Does it Mean If You Have Bumps Around Your Vag?

Bumps can appear anywhere on or in the vulva (the external part of the female genitalia) and can be painful, itchy, skin-colored, red or even white. They can also grow in clusters or be single bumps that look like a freckle or a rash. The cause of these bumps can vary, but fortunately they're usually not a big deal.

For example, sometimes skin bumps occur when hair follicles become inflamed or blocked and are called folliculitis. This may happen because of friction, wearing tight clothes or using hygiene products that block the follicles. It can also be caused by a cut from shaving or an infection.

Another possible bump is a boil (also called a furuncle or skin abscess). A boil occurs when the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (commonly known as staph) infects the sacs that hold hair roots and oil glands. These can form hard, pus-filled sores that itch and can be painful. Getting rid of the boil and practicing good hygiene can help prevent future ones.

Other types of bumps include a cyst, which is fluid-filled and usually painless. Bartholin cysts are a common type of bump that forms near the labia (the vaginal lips). They can become infected and can be painful.

Other bumps can be a symptom of an STD or herpes, which can be very serious if untreated. If you notice a bump that has a blister, leaks a clear liquid or is bleeding, you should see a doctor or nurse right away.


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