November 18, 2023

What Does Green and Yellow Make?

You may have been taught the fundamentals of color theory as a kid, like what colors go together and what colors clash. But the world of color can get more complex than that simple color wheel you learned in school.

When it comes to blending green and yellow, what you will end up with depends on the ratio of each and how dark or light they are. You will also find that some hues of green and yellow are more vibrant than others. For instance, lemon and lime shades have a zesty vivacious feel to them. While pistachio is a more subtle, soothing shade.

If you’re using a pure primary yellow and a pure blue, you will definitely make green; however, the hue will depend on how dark or light both are. For example, using a deep golden yellow with a bright blue will give you more of an olive green, while using a standard yellow with a blue that leans toward gray will produce a dark desaturated murky dirty yellowish-green.

Mixing a primary color like yellow with a secondary color like green produces a tertiary color called yellow-green, which can be further manipulated by adding other hues of both colors. This is why it’s important to experiment with different ratios to see what you will end up with. Adding white will produce lighter tints, while adding black will make the hue darker. You can use this knowledge to your advantage when mixing paints or creating colors for digital art.


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