November 19, 2023

What Does Get Sturdy Mean?

Getting sturdy is the latest dance trend that’s swept Tiktok and other platforms. If you’re unfamiliar with this trend, it’s a dance that involves stepping and hopping from one foot to the other in rhythm. This dance move has become quite popular thanks to its unique style and beat drops.

The word sturdy means “strong enough to withstand or resist pressure, strain, or abuse.” It can also be used to describe something that is reliable and trustworthy: the bank has been a sturdy choice for many of my accounts. Sturdy can also be used to describe someone who is steadfast or courageous: The soldiers were very sturdy during the battle, never giving up on their mission.

What Does Get Sturdy Mean?

If you’re looking to get sturdy, it’s important to study and master the basic moves. You can start by watching videos of people doing the dance and taking note of their technique and rhythm. Then, practice the movements frequently until you’re comfortable executing them smoothly and confidently. You can also try adding variations and incorporating your own personal style to make the dance your own.

Once you’re proficient at the basics, it’s time to take your stepping skills to the next level. To do this, you can perform the dance at talent shows or local events. You can also create dance videos to share on your social media accounts. If you want to be a true dance pro, consider enrolling in a dancing class or workshop where you can learn from experienced instructors and perfect your skills.


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