November 18, 2023

What Does FTM Mean?

People whose bodies do not match their gender identity face social stigma, family distress, and emotional turmoil. This is known as gender dysphoria. In order to live more authentically, many transgender people choose to make changes to align their bodies and social roles, a process called transitioning. For those who identify as female at birth but feel like a man, FTM or female to male (ftm) transition is the most common path.

Gender transition can take many forms and be completed at different times in a person’s life. Some people start during puberty while others wait until later in life. Regardless of when a person begins transition, they may need to take hormone therapy or undergo surgery to masculinize their body. Having a support system during this time is incredibly important. This can be achieved through online forums and community groups. Every Plume Member gets access to six-week series of support groups, facilitated by a trained community member, as part of their Membership.

FTM top surgery is a type of gender-affirming surgery that creates a more masculine chest for transgender men. This procedure reduces or removes the breasts and nipple, as well as removes excess skin near the breasts. FTM top surgery is performed by board-certified surgeons who specialize in gender-affirming procedures. The earlier a person receives these medical treatments, the better chance they have of experiencing a successful outcome.


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