July 16, 2023

What Does Fart Taste Like?

Despite its societal stigma, farting is quite normal and a natural part of the digestive process. In fact, the average person produces farts about 14 times a day.

A fart is composed of gases — nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane — that expand the colon and escape through your rectum. While they aren’t very pleasant to smell, farts can contain trace amounts of fecal particles, which are what give them their distinctive stink. The odor of a fart can also depend on what you eat and whether your body produces a lot of sulfur, which can lead to more pungent gas.

If you hold in a fart, it can back up into your digestive tract and cause air pockets to form. These pockets can be uncomfortable, and if they persist, it’s important to see your doctor for treatment. Holding in flatulence can also cause a painful and dangerous condition called diverticulitis, which is characterized by the formation of small, hardened pockets in the intestine.

While most people find farts to be unpleasant, some individuals experience odiferous farts more frequently. This can be due to food intolerances, stress or the menstrual cycle, which can alter bacteria in the intestines and cause more gas.

Despite their unpleasant smell, farts burn calories and contribute to the total energy expenditure of the body. Additionally, a fart can help clear the air and make a room feel lighter. Those looking for a fun way to enjoy these benefits can try the “Duck Fart Shot,” which is made from a mix of coffee liqueur and Irish cream.


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