March 19, 2023

What Does ED Stand For in Mental Health?

what does ed stand for in mental health

What Does ED Stand for in Mental Health?

Several factors are associated with higher ED use, including a lack of access to primary-care providers or specialists who treat mental health conditions, and first-onset and/or crisis-type mental health emergencies such as psychotic breaks, suicide attempts and self-harm. Those who cannot access these services are more likely to seek non-emergent care and may pick an ED as a last resort.

Other reasons for ED include neurologic causes such as diabetes, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord and nerve injuries, nerve damage from pelvic operations and heavy metal poisoning. Drugs can also cause ED, including blood pressure medications, antidepressant drugs, glaucoma eye drops and cancer chemotherapy agents.

Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem for men. Treatments are available to help with ED, but it can take time before a patient feels better and begins regaining his sexual ability.

Many men with ED are treated by a physician, nurse or a counselor. This type of care helps them deal with the emotional stress that can often accompany ED.

In some cases, patients may need to try several different types of treatments before finding one that works for them. This includes specialized testing and therapies that target specific problems or symptoms.

Psychiatric Patients Are More Likely to Seek Care in an Emergency Department

The number of psychiatric patients seeking treatment in an emergency department has skyrocketed over the past several years. Some solutions to the growing problem include making the ED more comfortable and accommodating for those with psychiatric disorders, setting up special emergency psychiatric units and increasing telepsychiatry services.


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