November 19, 2023

What Does Bbc Mean On Tiktok?

What Does Bbc Mean On Tiktok:

The BBC is one of the most well-known media organizations in the world. It’s known for its viral dance crazes and sketches, but it’s also been a popular platform for news publishers. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing platforms for news sites over the last year.

However, the BBC has recently urged its staff to delete the app from corporate phones, citing security concerns. The move follows TikTok’s parent company, Chinese tech giant ByteDance, admitting to spying on journalists for several months last month. In an email to staff, the corporation asked those who use personal devices for work to contact their cyber security teams and discuss their situation.

Nielsen said she had been “a little in doubt about how Tiktok would work for news” before the Ukrainian war, but that her reluctance was quickly overturned as she saw other media organisations and reporters successfully using the platform for their stories. She says they now see it as a “really interesting tool” to reach new audiences in a way that other social media platforms may not be able to.

In just ten months, the BBC’s news account on Tiktok has grown from about 800,000 followers to more than 1.2 million. The account shares clips from BBC shows and has recruited journalists to create content for it. It’s the fastest-growing of all UK and US news brands on the platform, according to data shared with Press Gazette.


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