November 18, 2023

What Does a Red Aura Mean?

Red is a powerful color that represents determination, action, energy and strength. It can also represent anger, ego and danger. People with a red aura tend to keep this base energy throughout their life, but they can also move on to the energies a step up from red such as orange (creativity and abundance) or purple (spiritual progression).

People who have a true red aura are energetic and able to quickly adapt to change. They are excellent leaders who can take on any challenge and get the job done. They are incredibly ambitious and often have very high goals for themselves. When the mood strikes, these people can be very competitive and will fight for what they believe in. They can easily become jealous or possessive of others, especially when they are in a relationship.

When a person has a dark red aura, it could mean they are in a difficult phase in their life and need to find some balance. They may be dealing with family issues, financial problems or health challenges. A dark red aura can also indicate a fiery temper and an inflexible personality. They can be selfish and self-centered when they are not in balance, and it is important for them to remember that they can benefit from listening to the advice of others as well.

There are many ways to help a person balance their red aura, including practicing meditation and breathing exercises. They can also use healing crystals such as hematite or garnet to ground themselves. Physical activity is also a great way to release the excess energy associated with a red aura.


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