July 16, 2023

What Does a Crab Bite Look Like?

Often, crab bites are mistaken for spider bites, because they have similar markings. However, a crab's fangs do not have enough strength to puncture the skin, while spider bites can. The venom from the crab spider only harms its small prey and is not harmful to humans.

A crab's claw is designed to place food in their mouths, while other mouth parts cut and grind the food before it is ingested. They also do not have teeth in their mouths to chew their food.

When a crab pinches you, it is merely defending itself or trying to protect its eggs. Generally, a simple flick of the wrist will release them; if not, take it to water and they will likely swim away.

The color of a crab can vary, but they usually have a whitish-gray or tan appearance. If the crab is a female and protecting its egg sacs, it may change to a darker color to blend in with its surroundings.

While genital crabs can spread to new partners, they usually crawl from the pubic area and are not transmitted by casual contact such as handshakes or hugs. If you suspect that you have genital crabs, look for tiny tan or whitish-gray lice that clump together at the base of your pubic hair.

You can try to get rid of genital crabs by using an over-the-counter lice treatment that is applied directly to the pubic hair. You should also wash any sheets, towels or clothing that you used when infected to avoid reinfestation.


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