August 18, 2023

What Do Yoni Pearls Do?

Yoni pearls are cloth-wrapped bundles of herbs marketed to support vaginal and uterine health. But there's actually zero research to back up their perks, and putting these herbs in your vagina for extended periods of time can be dangerous. "Leaving things in your vagina for too long kills all the good bacteria, throws the bacterial balance out of whack and causes serious infection," gynecologist Dr. Heather Streicher tells SELF. That's why it's important to use yoni pearls (or any other vaginal cleanser) for the shortest amount of time possible.

Generally, it's best to leave one detox pearl in your yoni for three to five days, per Goddess Detox's website. During that time, the pearls create a gentle pulling action that pulls out toxins from your uterus, cervix, and vaginal canal. They also expel fluid build ups not expulsed during your menstrual cycle that can lead to cysts and fibroids, remove dead tissue, old blood clots, yeast, mucus, tighten the uterus and restore its natural pH balance, according to the site.

But even with the purifying effects of yoni pearls, it's best to only use them under a doctor's supervision. And if you start feeling a tingling or itching while using them, stop immediately and talk to your gynecologist before trying again. It could be a sign that your body is fighting an infection, which isn't a good thing for your fertility or pregnancy plans.


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