April 20, 2021

What Do Physical Therapists Do? Full List Here

You may have had an injury or surgery. You may also find you have a condition like arthritis and your doctor tells you that you need to go see a physical therapist. This may be after you find that trying to just rest does not do the trick for you and you need to take the next step. Before you embark on a search for Santa Clara physical therapy, it would be good to get the answer to the question: “What Do Physical Therapists Do?’ You can then find Santa Clara physical therapy and know what they will be doing.

They Communicate and Diagnose

Talking with a physical therapist during the initial consultation is a very important part of the process of getting you back in shape. The therapist will look over your injury history and take a look at what sort of range of motion you have and also how strong you are. They will then devise a plan of treatment for you.

They Treat You

Your level of strength will determine whether the physical therapist works alongside you as you do the exercises or if you can do them yourself. They may do things like move certain body parts around to improve your range of motion in that area or they may massage that area. Their goal is to get you to do your own exercises.

They may also use other techniques and equipment if they feel that that will help things move along. You may do some stretching, get hot and cold treatment and even get some electrical stimulation.

They Plan

When they come up with a plan, it’s not only based on what they see you doing at that moment - they are projecting what you can do later. They come up with ways to get you to progress to that stronger state… and they are not afraid to make adjustments along the way.

This plan they come up with is not set in stone. They know they are working with a human being who may have setbacks, and they build that into the regimen so that things can still progress.

While it is important to work with the physical therapist at the gym or their office, you also need to follow any home exercises that they give you. What you do when they are not there has equal weight in what it takes to get you back into the shape you were before.

By doing all of these things, you will reach your goal… and that will make the two of you happy.

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