March 23, 2023

What Colors Show Up in Color Meditation?

color meditation

Color meditation is a type of mindfulness practice that involves seeing colors in the meditation space. Often, these colors are associated with the chakras and may be a sign that healing is taking place.

When You See Green in Mediation, It Represents Your Heart Chakra

The color green reflects the energy of love and compassion, as well as the possibility of positive outcomes for your life. It’s a gentle, nurturing energy that can help you to connect with yourself and others with more empathy.

Orange Shows Up in Meditation if You Need to Own Your Power

During meditation, you might see orange because it’s a color that is linked to your solar plexus, which symbolizes your personal power and purpose. You might also see it if you’re dealing with relationships issues or trying to find your inner strength and confidence.

Yellow Shows Up in Meditation if You Need a Lift and Optimism

The bright, powerful color yellow represents warmth and uplifting energy. It’s an invitation to embrace your strengths and bring them into every aspect of your life.

Indigo Blue in Meditation if You Need Spiritual Awakening

If you’re looking for spiritual enlightenment, indigo blue is the right color to use during meditation. It is a color that has the ability to shift your brain waves into alpha state, which is an effective way to connect with your intuitive centers and increase intuition.

You might also see indigo blue if you are a person who struggles with communication or self-expression. It’s a color that can encourage you to connect with your voice and speak up about what’s on your mind, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.


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