April 16, 2023

What Color Should CBD Oil Be?

what color should cbd oil be

Color matters

The color of CBD oil varies from batch to batch, as does the type of extract used, the carrier oil, and added ingredients. However, color is rarely an indication of the quality of a product; this is usually best determined by reading the label and checking third-party lab results.

Golden CBD Oil

The gold color in CBD oil is typically the result of the extraction method. The plant matter is filtered to remove most of the phytocomplex, which may have made it appear green when it was in its natural state.

Isolate CBD Oil

Some companies will use an isolate to extract the cannabinoids from the plant and then combine it with an MCT (colourless) carrier oil. This is an effective way to get rid of excess pigment and can give the extract a golden color.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

A full spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids found in cannabis. This is called an “entourage effect,” which increases the effects of each individual cannabinoid.

Dark Green CBD Oil

If a CBD oil is in its raw state, it will be green due to the presence of chlorophyll. This can help it to achieve its “full spectrum” status and can also provide additional plant nutrients that may bolster its benefits.

Pink CBD Oil

Some brands of CBD tinctures will turn pink when exposed to light and oxygen, which is completely normal. The reason this happens is due to an enzyme in MCT oil known as polyphenol oxidase. It is a good sign that the MCT oil is of high quality and is safe for consumption. This can be prevented by storing the product in your refrigerator or in a dark place.


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