November 19, 2023

What Color Does Red and Orange Make?

When red and orange are mixed together they create a shade that is sometimes known as vermilion. This is because, on the RYB color wheel, it’s considered a tertiary shade, which are colors that have been created by blending primary and secondary hues. Since red and orange are both warm colors, they pair well with each other. However, they can also be overwhelming in designs, so pairing them with neutral colors like white and tan can help to tone them down.

It’s important to understand the meaning of each hue in order to make informed design decisions. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of what color does red and orange make, as well as some color palette suggestions that pair well with this shade. We’ll also look at some of the history behind the color and the psychology that surrounds it.

What Does Red and Orange Make?

When combined, red and orange create a vivid shade known as red-orange. This shade is often associated with youthfulness, positivity, and passion. It’s also a powerful and resilient color that can inspire people to pursue their dreams.

As the ratio of red to orange shifts, shades such as safety orange and coquelicot emerge. These hues are highly visible and used in high visibility clothing and equipment, evoking a sense of adventure and energy.

Red-orange pairs well with the complementary colors of blue and green, as they sit directly across from it on the color wheel. It can also be paired with purple hues to add a touch of femininity to designs.


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