December 7, 2023

What Color Does Orange and Purple Make in Paint?

Whether you’re an artist or designer, knowing what colors mix with each other can be an important skill. While some hues are polar opposites, others complement each other nicely and are great to use together. One such combination is orange and purple. These two colors are opposites on the color wheel, but when mixed properly can make a beautiful and eye-catching statement. This article will discuss what color does orange and purple make, and how they can be used to create a beautiful design.

What color does orange and purple make in paint?

In paint, orange and purple combine to make a tertiary color called reddish-purple. This unique color is used to add depth and richness to any painting. When used in the right context, it can convey a sense of creativity and luxury, as well as warmth and coziness.

When paired with the right shade of orange, it can make an excellent background or accent color in any painting. This is because the color combines the energy of orange with the calm and sophistication of purple. It’s important to note that not all shades of orange and purple work well with this combination, so be sure to experiment a bit before choosing a specific shade.

In lighting, it is rare to see orange and purple mixed together since they are both tertiary colors in the RGB color model. This system uses different primary colors than the RYB model, and thus the results are quite different. For example, orange is made from combining red and yellow, while purple is created from blue and magenta.


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