November 18, 2023

What Color Does Blue and Pink Make?

In art, color is a vital part of the creation process. Choosing the right shades for your project can make or break it. Knowing what colors mix well with one another can also help. The skill of mixing colors takes practice and a great understanding of the properties of each color. Whether you’re painting, drawing or using any other form of creative expression, understanding the basics of color theory can help you to create more interesting and unique designs.

One of the first basic concepts to understand is that pink and blue mix together to make purple. The amount of red and white that is mixed with the blue will determine what shade of purple you end up with. A higher percentage of red and less white will give you a lighter shade while more white and a lesser amount of red will result in a darker shade.

If you are using a cool blue such as Process Blue, Cerulean or Cobalt with a light shade of pink such as fuchsia, you will get a pretty lavender color. If you use a warm blue like Ultramarine with a fuchsia, you will most likely get a muddy violet shade.

The best way to figure out what shades of pink and blue look best with each other is to experiment with them. Creating swatches and trying them out side by side will give you a good idea of what the results will be. It may take some time before you find a combination that you really love but with practice, you will eventually come up with some amazing combinations!


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