November 18, 2023

What Color Does Blue and Orange Make?

In painting, you’ll sometimes run out of a color. This can be frustrating but it can also open up new creative possibilities. For instance, you might have leftover paint that can be used to create a new shade of blue or orange. This article will explore what color does blue and orange make, and it will help you learn how to mix colors to get the results you want.

What does orange and blue make?

The combination of blue and orange makes a unique tertiary color that conveys different emotions and associations. Blue is associated with calmness and trust, while orange is often viewed as a sign of inspiration or energy. Together, they can be a powerful design tool in both commercial and residential spaces.

However, while you may have learned in art class that you can’t make primary colors from scratch (as blue is a primary color) that doesn’t hold true when you look at the CMYK color model. In fact, magenta and cyan (the primary colors used in printing) can be mixed to create blue.

Similarly, when you combine orange and blue, you’ll create a tertiary color that’s a little bit more muted than pure blue and orange because it contains some of the neutral shade of brown, which doesn’t exist in the RGB color wheel. If you add more cadmium orange than light blue, you’ll get a dark brown shade similar to the color of a coffee latte.


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