April 17, 2023

What Are Three Primary Benefits of Using VLANs?

what are three primary benefits of using vlans

What are three primary benefits of using vlans?

First, they can simplify management by enabling users to be separated into different virtual networks without having to physically switch ports or switches. For example, if you have an accounting department and a sales team, you can put them both in a separate network so that they don't talk to each other.

Second, VLANs can help improve network performance by reducing the amount of broadcast traffic that devices see. Broadcast domains are large groups of host-generated broadcasts, which can hog network resources.

Third, they can improve security by enabling administrators to control who has access to specific network devices. For example, if a network team needs to monitor SNMP or system logs, they can place these tasks in a different VLAN so that they don't have to worry about unauthorized access.

Fourth, they can provide an easier way to add new devices to the network. If you need to install a new piece of equipment, you can simply assign it to a VLAN and connect it to the right switch port.

Fifth, they can help improve quality of service by allowing engineers to prioritize traffic on the network. For instance, if you have a VLAN that connects conference room equipment, engineers can set rules to make sure video traffic flows quickly and reliably across the network.

VLANs can also reduce the amount of network traffic that routers deal with by limiting broadcasts to their own switch ports, which are only visible to packets. This can free up bandwidth for other parts of the network that need it.


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