March 28, 2024

What Are the Signs of a Spiritual Awakening?

spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakenings don't necessarily require religious context to occur, however. People have found spiritual awakening in all sorts of environments -- and there are various ways it can manifest. Common signs include increased intuition, seeking spiritual meaning in every aspect of life, and experiencing synchronicities (coincidences or signs from the universe). At this stage in a person's journey they might begin prioritizing finding their life purpose or realizing how what they're doing contributes to soul growth.

At this point, your ego's hold over thoughts, emotions and behaviors begins to relax, making it easier to be open to different points of view - including those which contradict those you hold close. You may also become less tolerant of negative energy while at the same time more apt to forgive others.

At this stage, you may feel drawn to provide more service in the world. Perhaps volunteering or turning towards healing modalities like yoga, meditation or mindfulness practices might be your path forward. Perhaps you even contemplate discovering a new religion or becoming a teacher of one.

As part of your final step, let go of anything that doesn't align with who you really are. That may include relationships, careers, habits or even your ego identity to accept all aspects of who you are as one whole being. This permanent shift leads to an expanded state of awareness where seer and scene merge seamlessly into one.


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