February 6, 2024

What Are the Benefits of a Green and Yellow Aura?

Green auras are linked with the heart chakra and higher heart, commonly referred to as Thymus Chakra, which are responsible for compassion, empathy, self-love, balance, growth and universal connection. People with green auras radiate peace, love and compassion for themselves as well as others; they make great natural healers/nurturers/nurturing figures who enjoy being around children as they enjoy social situations immensely. People with green auras are highly communicative individuals who easily communicate hope and optimism while supporting those they care for.

Greens possess an inherent love of nature and often spend much of their free time hiking, walking, camping, trekking and playing outdoor games in nature. Furthermore, these individuals take great care to lead healthy lives through good eating habits and regular physical exercise.

As humans themselves, they possess an impressive knowledge of human anatomy and its functions, are adept at solving problems, and rising above challenges to achieve goals - qualities which make them highly successful both professionally and personally.

However, this energy can lead them to be too focused on work and neglect relationships. They may feel strongly connected to friends and family members but must learn to set limits; hence it's essential they find a balance between ambition and emotional needs.


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