May 11, 2022

What Are Super foods And How They Can Help with BJJ?


If we look at the food industry we keep seeing the same things with different labels. Fortified, super food, negative calories, more nutrients, bigger size, better taste, less sweet, sugar-free, gluten-free, and much more. We also see people struggling to make a choice when it comes to these titles and tags. They want something that is less expensive but they also want something better in taste and more in quantity. However, they come across tags like a super food and think this might be the best thing or the food item must have something special. According to experts, there is nothing like a super food. You get the right nutrients that you have and no matter what you eat or what quality you eat these nutrients will stay the same. However, some food items are so rich in nutrients naturally that they can offer a good amount of calories along with basic essential trace elements and major elements that are important for sustaining life.

The Evolution of Super Foods

Although the term super food was first coined for marketing purposes only, the experts soon realized that there are a lot of food items that are rich in all kinds of necessary nutrients that you might want to have a good amount of them in your diet. Some of these items are so healthy that without them you might even face some diseases whereas consuming them more will not have any side effects. These food items are so healthy that most experts when planning a diet chart intentionally add these food items. Eventually as an athlete you require a lot of energy and when you take a lot of beats on the mat as a grappler you want to have enough nutrients to heal. These super food items will not only help you heal better but also improve your overall recovery period instantly.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the best super foods that will help you in your grappling journey. These food items are rich in essential nutrients and can improve the healing and recovery process. Most of these super foods can be consumed with a combination of other food items as well as alone.

Super Foods for Grapplers

As a grappler, your body will go through a lot of strain especially when you are on the mat taking the beat. In most cases, you will get a lot of help from your instructor who will instruct you to take good care of your wounds and maintain a good diet to help your body stay healthy. However, this is very limited because you will never know what can benefit you more than others. This is where super foods come in. super foods are great natural food items that are very good for recovery as well as sustaining a good and healthy lifestyle. Some of the main food items that are considered super foods and must be used by grapplers include:


Who doesn’t love a fresh avocado toast in the morning? Do you know avocado has so many benefits? Avocado is known for being a high source of omega 3 which is good fat. Being a grappler when you have to maintain a good amount of healthy nutrients there is nothing better than consuming an avocado.


Turmeric has extreme healing abilities. In old Indian culture, turmeric mixed with milk was used as a healing tonic. After an intense beat on the mat, there is nothing better than a warm glass of turmeric latte. It is extremely tasty with very good microbial and healing abilities that will keep you guys healthy as well as improve your healing ability and recovery process.


Ginger is known for its intense smells, flavor, and burn that boost immunity. So far experts recommend the use of ginger to clean the gut and improve immunity. If you have immunity-related issues, ginger can help you a lot. Apart from this for grapplers, after an intense practice session ginger juice shot can help you get rid of all the bad bacteria and boost the recovery and metabolism process.


Lemon is a high vitamin C source and it helps your body not only stay healthy and boost the metabolism it is great for getting rid of extreme fat content and clogged arteries. One glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon can help you boost your energy and improve your overall health as well.

Green tea

Green tea is very important because it has an anti-inflammation component that is very good for the body. Apart from this, green tea helps in boosting immunity and calms the overall body by burning extra fats and getting rid of fat deposited in the body.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, unlike the expectations of most people super foods are all-natural. Although experts still believe every food item has its significance and depriving your body of any food item will eventually impact your health in long run, however, foods that are marketed as fortified cannot be declared as super foods. For a food item to be a super food it should have essential elements and be rich in nutrients. The food items must also have a lot of benefits with little or no replacement. The food items mentioned above will especially help you as a grappler or even if you want to live a healthy life. Most people believe that living a healthy life has nothing to do with food but in real life, a good diet must consist of all the essential nutrients that you can ever need to sustain a good life. From keeping your muscle to bones healthy to helping your body function properly in the best possible way, these super food helps you live a happy and healthy life.



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