October 6, 2022

What Are Spider Veins and Ways to Eliminate Them

While spider veins typically aren’t dangerous, many people find them to be unsightly. If you have recently noticed spider veins, then you probably want to spend a little bit of time researching exactly what they are and how they can be treated.

An Overview of Spider Veins

Even though spider veins can happen at any age, they are much more common among older women. That cosmetic issue occurs when blood pools inside a vein and the capillary begins to push up against the surface of the skin. Some of the risk factors for spider veins include one’s age, changes in hormone levels, a sedentary lifestyle, a family history of spider veins, and an individual’s weight.

Difference Between Spider and Varicose Veins

Spider veins tend to be relatively small, and they are usually found on the thighs, calves, or arms. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are slightly larger veins that create bumps along one’s skin. Varicose veins can lead to chronic discomfort, and you should immediately seek medical attention if any veins in your arms or legs burn, sting, itch, or bulge out. You might also want to have your doctor inspect the veins during your annual checkups to ensure that they aren’t dangerous.

Home Treatments

Depending on the severity of your spider veins, you might want to begin with a few home treatments and remedies. Many people can minimize the appearance of spider veins by exercising a few times a week and making sweeping changes to their dietary habits. Eliminating sodium-rich foods from your diet will minimize the amount of water that your body retains, and that could shrink smaller patches of spider veins. As a general rule, staying as healthy as possible will greatly reduce your risk of developing spider veins.

Professional Treatments

While home treatments can be effective in some situations, most people will benefit from meeting with a medical professional who has extensive experience with spider veins. A doctor will be able to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that will quickly and safely eliminate spider veins. Sclerotherapy and laser therapy are currently two of the most popular options, and those treatments can often be completed in a matter of hours.

Before you begin any treatments for your spider veins, you should consider heading to your primary physician for a complete checkup. While spider veins usually aren’t dangerous, they could be the result of other medical issues that require additional treatments.


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