January 28, 2022

What Are Some Of The Best Contact Lenses?

Wearing a contact lens for a long day can make your eyes dry, tired, or irritated. Hence, some people look for premium daily contacts which have UV Protection and have excellent comfort. If looking for this lens, try to buy my day contact lens!

Instigate Smart Silicone

To know the information my day contact declared in the market in 2015. To start this journey, Cooper Vision patented the innovative Silicone Technology to provide the lens with a soft, flexible contact that does not compromise on moisture.

My day contacts will only be made with only 4.4 per cent silicone, and it contains the lowest percentage of silicon found in the lens.

Also, it has contained a Hydro gel core. My day contacts made up of Water content with 54 per cent. It can keep the eyes hydrated. And, it has 96 per cent of UVB protection.

Overall, my day contacts will benefit from Silicone hydro gel without compromising the comfort of use.

Power, Availability and More

Buy my day contact lens ranges from -12 to +8 powers. Therefore, it is unique and specifically designed for large contact lens wearers, and my day contact contains light blue visibility, making it easier to read and work with a laptop.

When my day lenses fit for eyes, the cooper vision sends a trial box with ten contact lenses for each look for testing. To show the results to the doctor then cooper vision has a free trial and takes a printout of the trial contact lens report.

Once the prescription is finalized, then my day contact lenses are available. One can buy my day contact in 30, 90, 180 packs. As noted, it is for daily wear and thrown in a dustbin at the end of the day.

Does Buy My Day Contact lens for Astigmatism?

Yes! It was declared in the market in 2017; the Buy My day contact Toric is an option to reduce Astigmatism vision and be corrected in a Contact lens. The other name of this lens is Peri- Ballast design. It provides an excellent lens that might have stability and minimal rotation of the eye.

What Are Customers Saying?

Are Buy My Day Is Adaptable for Customers?


  • Innovative silicone technology for contact lenses is soft and does not compromise on quality, moisture and comfort
  • It has UV protection with 85 per cent UVA and 96 Percent UVB
  • Available in designed astigmatism lens.


  • The lens is higher in price when compared to other
  • Not available in a multifocal lens.

How Much Does My Day Cost?

As mentioned earlier, this lens is not always cheap. Costco sells lenses under its brand, Kirkland Signature, and Lens Crafters sell lenses under its brand, Lens Crafters 1Day Premium. Both own brands help reduce the cost of purchasing from these retailers.

It is advisable to check with an ophthalmologist before making a purchase. However, if you want to calculate the price from the comfort of your home, you need to check with your online contact lens retailer. For now, the retail recommendations are:

MyDay contact lens -$ 85 (90 packs) or $ 153 (180 packs)

MyDay Toric- $ 105 (90 packs)


Softness, ease of handling and comfort are all these three things have designed in My day contact lenses.

The Smart Silicone technology behind this lens is awe-inspiring! My Day contacts impact the stiffness buy My Day contact lens have the lowest percentage and used for only a 1-day contact lens.



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