November 19, 2023

What Are Megan Knees?

There is no day that goes by without someone on Twitter joking about how impressive Megan Thee Stallion's knees are. It's more than just her bouncy twerking or her technicolor wigs, it's the way she bends on her knees to balance herself while doing so. It's like she has a set of legs that are stronger than the rest of her body combined. She can dance, bounce and twerk all while bending on her knees and never lose her balance. Her legs are as impressive as her rapping, and her fans love it. In an industry that is quick to pit women against each other, Megan Thee Stallion has blazed her own trail with hot rhymes, hot outfits and the hottest knees in town.

Now, it appears the rapper's strong knees are inspiring a new challenge on TikTok. The 'Knees Like Megan' challenge requires users to squat down and perform rigorous leg and buttock movements while moving up and down to the beat of a song. Once they've completed the challenge, they upload it to TikTok with the hashtag, #kneeslikemegan.

The popular challenge seems to have started in early 2021 and has been making its rounds on social media since then. Many people have been squatting to Coir Leray's hit song Twinnem, but other rappers' songs are also being used for the trend.


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