November 19, 2023

What Are Mango Worms?

When it comes to parasites that affect dogs, you may be familiar with ringworm. However, you may not be aware that mango worms are also a common problem. Mango worms are technically tropical blowflies that originate from Africa. Like ringworm, they are external parasites that infest the skin and fur of affected dogs. The reason they get into the skin is that, as larvae, they need to consume the tissue inside to fuel their growth.

When a dog is infested with these parasites, they will usually display itching, scratching and irritation on the affected areas of the body. The severity of itching will vary from mild to intense, depending on the number of worms infesting the skin. In the more advanced stages of the infection, open sores can develop, resulting in increased pain and itching.

If you suspect your pet has a mango worm infestation, seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible. The veterinarian will examine the affected areas and may take a skin scraping or other tests to confirm the diagnosis. Once the doctor has a clear understanding of your dog’s situation, they can then prescribe a course of treatment.

The most important preventive measure against mango worms is regular grooming of the affected area. You should also avoid places where there is contaminated soil, such as sand that smells of urine or feces. Also, it is a good idea to keep your pets away from rotting waste or garbage because the flies that carry mango worms love to lay their eggs in them.


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