August 19, 2023

What Are Heavy Foods?

Heavy foods are those which take a long time to digest. They are high in fats and proteins and contain a lot of calories. The stomach is the main digestive organ and it is important to maintain it in healthy condition. Eating the right kind of food helps in this effort.

It is advisable not to eat heavy foods late in the night because they slow down the brain and reduce sleep. These foods also interfere with the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver. They also cause pot belly if eaten regularly.

Foods which are heavy have a dense structure and contain more protein and a large amount of roughage. They are characterized by a cold, hard and dry nature and have more earth element. Examples are red meat, modern wheat and cheese. Foods which are soft, soupy or cooked and have spices tend to be lighter as they have more air and fire elements.

The body's reaction to heavy foods is a reflection of its metabolic state, with some foods having anabolic building effects and others having catabolic reducing effects. The former are the ones you'd choose if you wanted to put on weight and bulk, while the latter would be what you want to avoid if you want to lose weight and lighten the tissues.

Heavy foods are those which increase fats and lipids in the blood, especially saturated fats such as butter, ghee, lard, whole milk and full-fat dairy products; animal fats including milk and cheese; fried foods and oils such as margarine and commercially fried foods and vegetable oils. They are a good source of cholesterol and can lead to heart diseases.


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