August 18, 2023

What Are Angel Bites?

What are angel bites?

A double piercing that extends across your upper lip, angel bites look cute with a bright smile and naughty with a suggestive smirk. The piercings combine the Monroe and Madonna piercings to create an iconic, edgy statement that's also subtle enough to be considered flattering. You can even pair them with a septum piercing (devil horn closures would be especially striking) or a frenulum or lowbret piercing to add a little more sparkle.

To get an angel bite, your piercer will secure your top lip with a clamp and then use a needle to make the initial hole. Then, he or she will switch out the original jewelry for a longer post, which will be shortened at your downsize appointment a few weeks later. For the final look, you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and gemmed or designer ends. Just be sure to avoid jewelry that can rub against the gums or teeth—this could lead to damage, infection, or keloids.

While every piercing has some risk, the location of angel bites makes them more susceptible to issues like infection and piercing bumps than other facial piercings. However, practicing proper aftercare can significantly reduce these risks. Infections in oral piercings are usually the result of bacteria entering through the mouth after eating, touching your piercings, or kissing, and can cause a range of symptoms including pain, redness, swelling, pus, or discharge. To prevent infections, always wear a clean hygienic piece of jewelry and wash your hands frequently before touching the piercing or going to bed.


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