August 22, 2022

Wellbriety Meditation: Sobriety and Wellness

Wellbriety Meditation

Living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally is important. For some people, living a healthy lifestyle means living a sober lifestyle. For people struggling with their sobriety, oftentimes staying sober isn’t just about staying away from substances. It also means discovering the stem of your substance abuse issues. And working towards mentally and physically overcoming them. This is where the term wellbriety comes from. With the practice of wellbriety meditation, you are able to claim a sense of well-being, happiness, and awareness. It can help with all areas of your life. Furthermore, it is great for checking in with yourself. There are even classes online that can teach you the in-depth method. It is meditation, but also a lifestyle. Check out the Wellbriety Meditation below.

Wellbriety Meditation

The term wellbriety means both sober and well. It is believed that you can not stay sober if you are not also well. The word was created in the language of the Passamaquoddy nation, in the mid-1990s. The Passamaquoddy are a tribe of Native Americans. They reside primarily in Maine. It has been translated to mean “balanced being.” Without balance in our life, we are susceptible to negativity and depression. Anxiety and stress. Additionally, balance equals calmness.

The wellbriety meditation isn’t just for people looking to get, and stay, sober. It is also used for people who are trying to live a more balanced lifestyle in general. Mind body and soul. The focus of the meditation is to hold firm to your personal beliefs. It is used to create empowerment and solidarity. There is a strong focus on personal responsibility, as well as personal growth. It is also great for children. It is never too early to start acquiring the tools you may need later in life. Think of it as being proactive. It can be a preemptive measure. Gather the tools before you need them.

The goal of wellbriety meditation is to raise your consciousness. The focus is on spirituality. And gaining knowledge and strength from the earth. It is a very calming, peaceful meditation. It is very helpful for people who struggle with sobriety. Getting sober is just one part of sobriety. Staying sober is a lifelong commitment. With the wellbriety movement, you have the tools and the teachings to help you with your path to having a more healthy, balanced, and sober life. Take a look at the video below to hear more about the teachings and message of the wellbriety movement and meditation.

Wellbriety Meditation

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