March 27, 2024

We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

we are spiritual beings having a human experience

People who speak of being spiritual beings having human experiences typically mean that we possess both an eternal soul or spirit and earthly body, with both being connected by spiritual energy. Many also believe this connection to be achieved via meditation or prayer; although other avenues include dreams, visions or even simply friendly conversations between humans.

Many individuals identify themselves as spiritual but not religious, while others practice religion devoutly but aren't necessarily spiritual. Religion usually centers on the lives and teachings of an archetypical holy figure such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed or another saint as its basis; often including practices and rituals designed to bring spirit into matter.

Spiritual beings are a shared belief across many religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. According to these beliefs, angels and other spirits exist within the sacred realm and can sometimes appear human-shaped; their behavior could either be beneficial or malign depending on whether humans interact with them negatively; others could act as mediators between sacred and profane realms.

Spirituality and materialism can often be confused, which can lead to unnecessary confusion. While both exist simultaneously, neither one can exist without the other: every thought, word and action come from our physical brain and body - therefore any spiritual experiences must have originated there just like visions or dreams do.


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