April 11, 2024

Visiting Orlando? Here’s How to Plan Your Trip in 5 Simple Steps

Feeling overwhelmed when planning a trip to Orlando is common. With countless ideas and websites to explore, it's easy to get swept up in the process. But before you dive into the depths of online research, take a moment to breathe, sit back, and relax.

Rest assured, you're in the right place. Our guide is here to help you rekindle that initial excitement for your trip and guide you through the planning process. From airfare to arranging Orlando airport transportation, these tips will simplify your trip. You'll also find tips on securing theme park tickets and pinpointing the ideal time to visit.

Orlando has over 100 attractions and over 20 theme parks, making it the ultimate family destination. Planning is crucial in avoiding potential pitfalls. Here's how to plan your trip in 5 simple steps and have the perfect vacation.

1. Scheduling Your Trip

Planning the perfect trip to Orlando begins with selecting the right time to visit. Florida's summer months can be sweltering, with high temperatures and humidity. The rest of the year can be a bit cooler, but most travelers prefer winter.

Also, consider peak tourist seasons, such as school breaks and holidays. Most theme parks are always busy, but certain times can have longer wait times for attractions. When planning your trip, include enough days to visit all the attractions on your itinerary and have downtime for resting.

2. Prioritize Your Attractions

Before booking your airfare or hotel, you want to decide on the must-see attractions or theme parks. Research the various theme parks, shows, and other attractions available, and determine which ones are must-sees for your group. Buy tickets in advance to skip the lines and save time at the gate. Prioritizing your attractions ensures you make the most of your time in Orlando.

Many theme parks offer mobile apps that provide real-time wait times, show schedules, and other information to enhance your visit. These apps will also list height restrictions for rides, which is invaluable when planning a trip with children. Download before your trip to streamline your experience and take advantage of special offers and discounts.

3. Plan Your Days

Planning your days in Orlando is essential. Include travel time between destinations and factor in any potential jet lag from long flights. Don’t try to see the entire theme park in one day, if possible. You'll want to enjoy the theme park without overexhausting yourself.


Include time for shopping and any shows or themed dinners you may want to attend. By pacing yourself and planning effectively, you'll make the most of your time in Orlando and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

4. Booking Your Airfare

Now that you know your destination, you can book your airfare and hotel. Booking your airfare in advance is a smart way to save both time and money. Purchasing plane tickets several months ahead can result in significant discounts. Look for airlines offering direct flights to Orlando or those with one layover to reduce your travel time.


Additionally, some websites offer bundles that include airfare, transportation, and hotel accommodations at discounted prices. This all-in-one package can be a convenient and cost-effective option, especially once you've decided on the attractions you want to visit. You can maximize your savings and time by taking advantage of these bundles.

5. Booking Your Hotel

When booking your hotel, consider exploring websites offering bundled packages. These deals sometimes combine airfare, hotel accommodations, and even theme park tickets.

Consider staying at a theme park hotel with the park you plan to visit first or most. These theme park hotels offer great discounts and bonuses, like early entry, plus fun theme park-specific rooms. Another benefit is you won't need to worry about transportation from the hotel to the theme park.

Choose a hotel near the theme park you want to visit first. When you're new to Orlando, excitement kicks in, and jet lag may have you up early. Kids will be eager to hit the parks at opening time. But, as the days pass, early mornings become more challenging as tiredness sets in.

Plan For an Amazing Time in Orlando

Visiting Orlando is an exciting adventure, but planning your trip can be manageable. Preparing with these 5 simple steps will ensure a stress-free, memorable vacation.

From choosing the optimal time to visit to prioritizing your attractions, booking your airfare and hotel, and planning your days, our guide has you covered every step of the way. So relax, sit back, and prepare to embark on your magical journey to Orlando!



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