April 16, 2023

Veterans Benefits Healthcare and Information Technology Act of 2006

veterans benefits healthcare and information technology act of 2006

The veterans benefits healthcare and information technology act of 2006 is an Act enacted by Congress on December 22, 2006. This Act authorizes the VA Secretary to carry out information systems and information security programs. It also provides for the establishment of information security standards and requirements, establishes information system continuity plans and procedures, and requires VA information owners and users to ensure that VA's systems meet these standards.

Increasing Access and Efficiency to Mental Health Services (VA): The VA has begun to use tele-mental health services to reduce travel costs and keep more veterans engaged in their care between visits. It has also developed a mobile application, the PTSD Coach, to help veterans manage their symptoms.

Enhancing Access to a Wider Range of Benefits (VA): The VA is improving its ability to provide financial assistance to veterans and service members for educational needs. The bill includes funding to expand VA's work-study program and improve its website to make it easier for people to apply for educational benefits.

Rejuvenating the VA's Claim Process (VA): The budget supports a revitalization of the Veterans Benefits Administration's efforts to process disability compensation claims and new legislation that strengthens VA's "duty to assist" with preparing a claim. It also funds the VA's broader effort to develop a vision for delivering veterans' benefits that incorporates and harnesses paperless technology.

Reforming the Infrastructure for a Health Care System with Enhanced Capabilities to Treat Veterans in Low-Income and Disadvantaged Geographic Areas (VA): The budget includes appropriations to help VA assess the effectiveness of its infrastructure reform initiative. This effort will help VA develop a health care system that has the capacity to serve veterans with disabilities or lower incomes who live in underserved areas.


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