March 23, 2023

Using Essential Oil for Meditation

Adding essential oils to your meditation practice can make it more effective and enjoyable. These aromatherapy oils are reputed to reduce stress and tension, boost focus and concentration, deepen breathing and help eliminate negative thoughts.

Diffuse the oil during your meditation to create an ambient atmosphere.

There are two main ways to use essential oils during meditation: diffused in the air or applied to the skin.

The method you choose to apply your chosen Essential Oils depends on your mood and intention for the day. Some people find they get a sense of heightened awareness or increased clarity while others have a deeper connection with their spirit.

Rose is a beautiful fragrance to meditate with, particularly if you’re looking to cultivate love for yourself or others. This floral scent can also help you relax, decrease stress and anxiety, and improve sleep.

Neroli is another lovely oil to meditate with, especially if you’re working on being more self-accepting and receptive to spiritual connection. This fragrant oil can also promote creativity and inspire a regular spiritual practice.

Sandalwood is another wonderful choice for a meditation essential oil blend. This oil has a woodsy, soothing smell that helps ground you and promote clarity during your practice.

Peppermint is another familiar, yet refreshing scent that can reenergize and refresh your mind. If you often feel a little sluggish during your meditation, peppermint can help you to wake up and refocus.

Frankincense is a sacred oil that has been used for thousands of years across different religions and cultures. This spiritual oil is said to increase our faith and connect us to the divine.


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