April 17, 2023

University of Denver Benefits

university of denver benefits

DU offers a variety of benefits to employees, including health, welfare and retirement plans. These benefits are available at no cost to the employee.

The University also provides a wide array of educational support services to ensure that its students are prepared for the next stage of their education. In addition, the University is committed to making its educational offerings affordable to all, while ensuring a rigorous and diverse learning environment.

Student Tuition Waiver

Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver may receive a tuition waiver for up to nine credits per academic year. This is a valuable benefit that allows you to save money on your tuition and fees.

Staff Flex Time

Faculty and staff on the DU campus are encouraged to request a flexible work schedule from their supervisors. This flexibility is provided by the University to enable employees to meet the needs of their departments while maintaining a work/life balance and providing a high quality service to the public.

Family Medical Leave Act of 1993

Upon the recommendation and approval of their supervisor, employees with qualifying medical conditions may take FMLA leave from their duties during periods of illness, pregnancy or injury as required by law or in accordance with University policy. If an employee is on FMLA leave, he or she must notify their supervisor in writing when the leave begins and when it will end.

Retired Persons Resource Center

The RPRC serves as the University's information center for retired personnel. It provides assistance with retirement planning, a means for keeping retired University persons in contact with general University activities, and information about programs for retired University personnel that already exist in the metropolitan area.


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