March 19, 2023

Understanding Nutrition 15th Edition

understanding nutrition 15th edition

Understanding nutrition 15th edition is one of the most popular introductory nutrition books on the market. The text features a clear writing style, colorful illustrations, and quick-reference nutrition tables. It also teaches you about the latest nutritional research and how it can help you make healthier choices in your life, as well as those of others.

The bestselling UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION makes the science of nutrition meaningful and memorable, updated with the latest available research and the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines. Authors Whitney and Rolfes draw students into the study of nutrition with a lively and approachable writing style, dispelling existing misconceptions and empowering them to make better nutrition choices and enact lasting behavior change.

MindTap for understanding nutrition is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery, delivering engaging content, challenging every student and building their confidence. Empower your students with a powerful combination of interactive syllabi, Diet and Wellness Plus and a downloadable ebook that you can customize with additional material or notes, as needed.

Test Bank for Understanding Nutrition

A test bank is an exam guide that contains a collection of questions with solutions to the most commonly tested subjects in your course. They are typically not included in the textbook, but can be useful in test preparation, revision and self-study.

Although a test bank is not the actual textbook, it will likely be the most comprehensive and accurate version of your course materials. Check to see if your publisher offers it or contact them for details.


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