March 26, 2024

Understanding Chakra Symbols

Chakra symbols represent emotional, psychological and spiritual patterns that affect our health. By understanding them better, we can harness their healing properties in our daily lives.

At the base of your spine lies your root chakra - associated with grounding and security. Its red color symbolizes earth energy which is necessary for healthy living and balance in both mind and body. A downward-pointing triangle represents water which often represents feminine energy in women; in contrast, an upward-pointing triangle would symbolize fire energy associated with men; together these two triangles represent balance between these energies in our lives.

The sacral chakra relates to our emotions and creativity, represented by a six-petal lotus flower as its symbol. This flower represents rising above anger, jealousy, cruelty, hatred and pride to embrace divine qualities that belong to you as an individual. Additionally, its tangential circles form the shape of a moon, representing its cycle of birth-death-rebirth.

This chakra connects you with your inner wisdom, represented by lapis lazuli stone and often associated with being able to freely express truthful feelings without judgment or ridicule from others. Additionally, blue is said to support communication healing by encouraging calmness and clarity during communication sessions.

The Crown Chakra represents our connection to higher self and ultimate consciousness, symbolised by purple color indigo. The symbol for the Crown Chakra represents this connection by depicting an inverted triangle with Om symbol, two widely accepted as representations of universal energy. Additionally, two snakes crisscrossing each other crisscross each other to signify how Kundalini energy rises from lower chakras towards crown chakra.


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