March 11, 2021

Top 5 Yoga Chairs: A Yoga Chair Guide

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice available to anyone who wants to improve their whole well-being. The physical part of yoga consists of yoga poses in which we can stay quite long and comfortable. A yoga chair is a great thing to have when going out to your next yoga session. Check them out in this post.

This practice is available to people of all ages and all fitness levels, but many beneficial positions can be difficult for beginners or the elderly. Many yoga props can help with our yoga practice but, in these cases, the best choice is a yoga chair.

What is a yoga chair?

A yoga chair is a gentle way to practice yoga and can be a great help for those who would like to be active, but health problems with movement and stability do not allow them to do so.

A chair is an essential prop in performing many poses. It allows us to practice backbends, twists, and inversions. It is suitable for beginners, seniors, overweight people, or people with mobility problems, which is guaranteed to enable stable and safe yoga practice.

The use of a chair provides stable support, and we can easily maintain balance, stretch certain parts deeper, make some poses easier. A chair is also ideal for people who have arthritis or joint injuries.

How to use it?

Exercising on a chair is slow, simple, and effective and is suitable for everyone. A yoga chair can be used as a tool for overly difficult standing positions, as well as a support for backbends, twists, and other normally strenuous postures.

We can twist, bend back or bend forward with the chair. Pulling the chair with the hands, we extend and align the torso. When exercising on a chair, we stretch our body in a fun way and cheer up the mind.

The use of a chair has therapeutic benefits even for the elderly, who may not be able to stand for long periods of time or who may be uncomfortable sitting on the floor.

The benefits of a yoga chair can be enormous for people with issues of balance, people who are looking to start slowly, or who would just feel more confident starting this way.

A yoga chair can be used to exercise at home or in a yoga studio, but regardless of whether you are going to buy it for your own use or a fitness club or yoga classes, you should approach your purchase carefully. Make sure that the chair is both stable and easy to fold and store. Only such a product is functional and will provide firm and steady support because the chair will certainly be used frequently, which will have a direct impact on the quick endurance of the product.

There are different variants of chairs that can be used for different purposes, so let’s have a look at them.

Top 5 yoga chairs

Yoga-Mad Reinforced folding yoga chair

This is a chair that you can use as support in twists and backbends. Because this is a backless yoga chair, it is ideal for yoga practice.

The legs of the chair are connected by horizontal bars, which make it very stable. It also has decent caps on the legs that protect the floor and hold the chair in place.

This a type of chair that is foldable and easy to store. It is a stable and safe chair for yoga poses for beginners and also for advanced practitioners because it can bring a new perspective and a new challenge to the yoga practice.

It is only your imagination that limits the use of the backless yoga chair.

You can take a look at this chair here:,

and you can see all the ways you can use it in this video:

FeetUp Trainer

The feet up trainer is an exercise device that supports all yoga poses. It is believed that inversions are slowing down the aging process, but because certain inverted positions are difficult to do correctly and to maintain for a long time, especially if you have problems with the neck or back, the use of this chair will make that very easy.

We can easily do all the reversed yoga poses by placing our shoulders on a cushion and raising our legs. It gives stability and provides support, so the position becomes more dormant.

With FeetUp, we can do much more effective yoga poses, the creativity has no limits. It can also be very well integrated into training because it improves mobility and balance and strengthens deep muscles.

You can read a lot more here,
and you can find a full yoga session that will inspire you and show you how to get the best out of FeetUp trainer here:

Murtisol yoga chair

Murtisol yoga chair is a chair with a yoga headrest, designed with ergonomics to help you stand easier. It is made of 100% natural wood from Africa, high-quality PVC leather lining, four layers of thick sponge, unique T-shaped, U-shaped, H-shaped to help you safely and comfortably balance and stretch yoga positions.

This is a multifunctional chair because you can use it not only for shoulder stand but also for push-ups or different yoga poses.

Murtisol yoga chair is stable and firm, and its assembly and disassembly are easy. This chair is good-looking, and despite its original use for yoga practice, when not in use, it can serve as a fashionable seat and can easily fit into the modern look of your home.

You can view the product here:,
and here:

SISYAMA Fitness Yoga Headstand Chair Inversion Bench

Sisyama yoga chair is one of the most popular chairs. It has a unique look, and with its help, you can do all kinds of yoga poses, from core strengthening poses to inversions.

This chair is different because it has two helpful and perfectly placed handles. Also, the long and thick cushion gives the best stability we can have when doing balancing poses.

It is essential to mention that this chair is effortless to open and fold, which makes its use very simple. It is easy to use for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

You can take a look at this interesting chair on their official site:,
and you can find the inspiration for its use from this video:

CIGOCIVI Yoga Auxiliary Chair with Lumbar Back Support

The modern way of life has turned into a sedentary way of life so you can enhance your yoga practice with this CIGOCIVI yoga chair. This type of chair will enable you with good lumbar support and will help you avoid low back pain from prolonged sitting.

The CIGOCIVI yoga chair can be excellent for push-ups, inversions, and many other challenging yoga poses or even meditation.

The chair and the lumbar pillow can be separated and used individually. You can also take off the lumbar support, so you can use this chair as a normal chair, or you can just easily fold it and put it away. It does not slip, so the chair is safe to use.

You can find this product on,
and you can get a closer look here:

We can conclude

that many standard yoga poses can be easily adjusted with the use of yoga chairs. The regular use of a chair can make our yoga practice more effortless or more challenging, depending on how we use it.

We can easily find all of these chairs on, so choose the one that suits you best and dive into the countless benefits that a combination of yoga practice and yoga chair brings.

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