June 2, 2020

Top 10 Best Mantras for Inner Peace

There are times in every one of our lives where we feel frustrated, stressed, and anxious. All of these depressing things are bad for mental health. Below are mantras for inner peace.

Therefore, try to choose mantras during meditation, which are good for your mental health and help you feel relaxed. 

Top 10 Best Mantras for Inner Peace


  • I am Good, and I Love Myself: 


Never talk negatively about yourself because it had a bad impact on your mental health. Therefore, always remind yourself that you are good enough, and you love yourself. Focus on your positive points more and use your strengths efficiently. 


  • Failure is a Road to Success: 


No one can find success in one go. Every successful person has gone through some failures. Therefore, if you encounter a failure, try to remind yourself that this is not the end. Instead, use your failures as an opportunity.


  • I Can Do This: 


Never think that you cannot do anything. Instead, assure yourself that you can do everything. Give yourself some space and time. Remind yourself you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself. 



Many people have a misconception that happiness came on its own. However, in reality, happiness is a choice. Therefore, if you want to live a happy life, choose happiness. Don’t wait for happiness to come to you; instead, create your happiness.


  • This Too Shall Pass: 


In some difficult and tiring situations, keep in mind that everything will pass with time. Think whether the same situation will affect you after five years as it is now. If no, then don't take the stress and wait patiently for it to pass. 


  • Let it go: 


Let it go; although it is a phrase of three words, I think there is not any other powerful message than this. Stop worrying about things you cannot control. Let go of your past, anger, and fear to live a better life. 


  • Everything Happens on Its Time: 


Don’t compare your life with others and think that nothing good happens in your life. Everything happens in its time, and when the right time comes, good things will automatically come in your life. 


  • Tomorrow is a New Day:


Start each day with a new spirit and never let yesterday affect your today or tomorrow. With a spirit that tomorrow is a new day, you will start fresh and help you make decisions that can help you achieve your goal. 


  • All I Can Do is My Best: 


No matter what the situation is, just do your best and leave the rest on God. Don’t stress yourself with negative thoughts; instead, you should focus on giving your best. 


  • I Choose Love: 


In this world full of hatred and negative people choose to love. Spread love and happiness and empower people. 

Final Words 

We have explained the top 10 best mantras for inner peace in this article. Made these inspiring mantras part of your life for good mental health.

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