July 20, 2022

Tips to Help You Bounce Back From a Mental Health Rut

Everyone falls into mental health ruts whether they admit to it or not. It's a part of life. Amidst the pandemic, mental health trends saw a steep incline in reported issues during 2020. Mental Health America released a report detailing how half million people who were screened exhibited anxiety, and of that number, 79 percent were experiencing moderate to severe anxiety. Depression, suicidal ideation, and psychosis also dramatically rose.

Even a few years on, those trends continue. How can you possibly get yourself out of a mental health rut amid global, national, and personal crises? Here are four tips for how to bounce back.

Embrace Your Feelings

You read that correctly. Allowing yourself to experience those low, lousy feelings is important instead of denying them, pushing them aside, or forcing yourself to "just get over" them. The trick? You have to commit to working through them--slowly but surely--in your own unique way.

Those trendy slogans you see plastered all over wooden signs in the store? They might be motivational for, say, a day or two, but they get old fast. Building true resilience involves acknowledging these low points as part of your authentic self and committing to getting back up.

Take Time to Rest

Setbacks can be stressful, and stress takes a physical, mental, and emotional toll. Allow yourself time to rest and recharge your inner battery. Rest can reduce stress and is a great way to unwind between exercises, which can also help boost your mood by enhancing blood circulation to your brain. If you can swing it, book yourself that much-needed massage you keep thinking about but telling yourself 'no' to.

Get Out Into Nature

It might sound corny, but nature is there to help us heal. Nature doesn't impose judgment or cost money to experience. While you're out there listening to the birds chip and bees buzz, bring a notebook and pen. Sit down, write, maybe even set yourself some realistic goals for the upcoming week.

As you walk through nature, allow yourself to communicate with your surroundings. Find a quiet spot and have a good cry. Channel that energy and let it come forth. You'll be doing it in a safe, judgment-free zone.

Keep a Clean Home

When you've been down in the dumps, you might let your cleaning go by the wayside. Your surroundings reflect your mental state. Keeping a clean home can help you improve your mental health. Not only do you get some light exercise while cleaning, but you might find that you feel more at-ease.

If you aren't able to do the cleaning yourself, hire a cleaning company to do it for you. Companies like Dumpson's Cleaning Services, LLC can give you a clean slate that is much easier to maintain in the future. There is no shame in seeking help.

While getting out of that rut can be tough, you can--and will--get through this. But you'll do it on your own time, in your own way. The tips given above are general for that very reason. Give them a try and see what works best for you.


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