September 13, 2021

Tips to Get The Most Out of Worldwide Year-end sales

The last quarter of this year is just a matter of one month. It will be the time when merchants will try to get the most out of end year sales. The market has grown magnanimously, and thousands of merchants have fluxed in. The atmosphere is very competitive, and every merchant will try different and novel strategies to maximise end year sales.

Be not the crowd. Try out something new if you want to compete in the highly saturated market. Do you understand the psychology of the audience? Let me help you with that:

Prepare Yourself First:

Prepare for the maximum output on the event’s day like a boxer who practices and prepares for the whole year before the matchday. Prepare before the matchday arrives:

  • Grow the Database: Collect emails and contact numbers of your audience from the subscriptions letters, comments and social media accounts. Your old customers can play a significant role in growing your audience.
  • Emails & Messages: Keep your old customers and the people from your database updated about the upcoming events and your products. Do not forget to deliver emotional touch to the emails and messages you send. I do not like phone calls from brands or companies. Well, the nature of business decides whether you should make calls or not.
  • Arrange Annual Reviews: You must arrange a virtually visual or physical event so that your old customers can give reviews about your products. It will develop trust in the audience. Keep posting reviews of your customers on your social media accounts to make your brand credible in the eyes of the people who have not bought from you yet.
  • Announce before the day: Announcing the day a day earlier makes your customer ready. Keep your customers and audience updated about it. Deadlines about the sale day can be very effective in maximising. Create hype and let your products from your store wipe.
  • Captions: Creative captions can captivate customers. How about my last sentence? People like creativity in every aspect of life. Your captions must be tempting and must deliver an emotional touch. For instance, LOSE IT or USE IT.
  • Seasonal Landing Pages or Posters: Highlight your offer in big words and with high-quality images. The design must be fetching and engaging. The visuals of your products must be aesthetic enough to bring people to your marketplace.

Sell Differently:

Think outside the box. Abandon the crowd, think and execute differently. The content is free nowadays, and every merchant is aware of the traditional strategies. Applying those strategies will get you nowhere. History is evident that those who succeeded had offbeat thoughts. Let us try some new concepts:

  • Start Early End Lately: Let us deviate from the prescribed time. Offer sales before the conventional day, and terminate the sales day after. Favour your customers, and they will favour you.
  • Create your Holiday: Surprise your customers by offering sales on an unexpected day. Starting days of the month are the best to make such offers. Those are the days when people have bucks in their pockets.
  • Extension: Sometimes, people have a hectic routine. As a result, they forget to make an order and miss the sale offer. Extend the sale if you still have products in stock. People will love you for such kindness as they love the sale offers.
  • No Clearance Sale: Do not caption your sale as a clearance sale. It delivers a negative image in the minds of your customers. People consider clearance sales riddance of old and outdated items. Deliver your sale caption an emotional touch, for instance, “Anniversary Sale”. People will love it.
  • Referral Benefit: Grow your customers by benefiting both who has got referred and the one who referred. It will not only strengthen your relationship with old customers but also help you get new customers.
  • Hourly Sales: Offer hourly sales to your customers. It will put them in a situation of uncertainty, and there will be a great possibility that they will buy your products in a hurry. The fear of not getting a sale in the future will make them avail the opportunity.

Upcoming Events:

Annual events are the right opportunity to maximise your sales by applying the ideas we have already discussed. People extravagantly spend on such events to make their celebrations memorable. Take a note of upcoming events and prepare yourself before the dates hit the calendar:

  • Halloween is coming: If you have a clothing brand, it is the right time to capitalize on your visitors, decrease bounce and reduce cart abandonment rates. Do not forget the last day of October.
  • Black Friday: The day when the world stops to make orders. The early Christmas shopping season will help fill your pockets with profit. You may have great sales on this money-spending day.
  • National Days: National days prove to be very helpful to sell out your products. People love sales on such days, and they spend extravagantly due to their emotional attachment.
  • Christmas Day: Let become kids’ Santa Clause. Ask your customers if they have any kids and send them gifts when they make an order. Include Christmas wishing cards as kids do not forget their childhood experiences. So they will be buying from you for a long term period.
  • New Year Eve: On the last day of the year, there will be parties all across the world. Just before wrapping up the year’s sale, this is the last time when you can offer discounts on prices as compared to the latest mobile phones prices in the market.

So, what are you selling? Are you determined and prepared to get the most sales before the year ends? I hope you find this article helpful. Great sales!

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