March 10, 2023

Tips for Designing Custom Running T-Shirts

Running for charity causes is always a noble way to create and raise awareness while staying fit. Sponsors and organizers use the running events to support the affected group.

Over the years, charity marathons have become quite common. Businesses also get a chance to advertise their brands by sponsoring the event. Some of the things that most businesses sponsor are running gear and drinks.

In exchange, the company advertises its products on the running t-shirt or other gear. A well-designed custom running t-shirt can be used to pass a message. The participants will also wear the t-shirt after the event when they take their dogs out for walks or to go for their daily morning jog.

Below are handy tips for designing custom running t-shirts.

Choose the Right Material

Comfort is one of the most vital factors when choosing the right material or fabric. Running a marathon is exhausting, and the last thing participants want is a t-shirt that is not comfortable. The best fabric or material for running t-shirts should be lightweight and take a short time to dry.

Most running t-shirts are made from moisture-wicking fabric. This material is made by mixing both polyester and nylon. The material dries fast, is lightweight, and is breathable, which makes it perfect for marathon events.

Organic cotton is also a good choice because it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. It is also environmentally friendly. However, a cotton-polyester blend will perform better, especially during the hot summer.

You can also consider using mesh fabric as it is breathable and lightweight. It also dries faster than both organic cotton t-shirts and moisture-wicking fabric.

Different fabrics demand unique printing methods to ensure the design's longevity and vibrancy. For instance, moisture-wicking and mesh fabrics often require advanced techniques like sublimation printing, while organic cotton benefits from traditional screen printing for a softer feel. Meanwhile, for a versatile approach that works across various materials, including cotton-polyester blends, a DTF printing machine provides high-quality, durable designs, making it an excellent choice for producing running t-shirts with complex graphics.

Find a Good Manufacturer

Finding a good manufacturer who will deliver quality custom running t-shirts is an essential part of the process. Some printing companies also offer free design services that you want to take advantage of. Ensure that the contract terms also favor you regarding costs and delivery time.

Also, it is great to work with a company like The Charity Clothing Company that has experience with garments. They will help you choose the perfect material for your t-shirt. Review some of the clients that they have worked with before.

T-Shirt Design

Part of organizing marathon or walking events is to create awareness for a certain cause or promote a brand. You must develop excellent designs that will help push the message while also making the t-shirt look nice.

You can hire a professional UI/UX designer to help you develop the concept. The pro will also help you choose the right colors and fonts that fit the message. Ensure that the logo and the brand's message are visible.

Also, too much information will make the design look noisy. In addition, people won't be able to read what's on it.

Wrapping Up

Walks and runs can be a good way to raise money or create awareness for good causes within your community. You can also use such events to market your product or company and promote healthy living.

Good quality custom-running t-shirts will help create a good vibe among the participants while also ensuring that the sponsors get their message across.

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