March 23, 2023

The Un Meditation Room at the United Nations

un meditation room

The un meditation room is a place of peace within the UN building in New York. It was designed by Dag Hammarskjold, the then Secretary General of the United Nations, and opened in 1957. It is a meeting of light, sky and earth where doors are open to the infinite lands of thought and prayer.

The walls of the un meditation room are decorated with an abstract mural by Bo Beskow, a close friend of Hammarskjold. It is painted in blue, white, yellow and grey geometric forms. There is one black dot on the wall that is a half circle, which brings your eye to a point of rest and is meant to align with the room’s inter-faith purposes.

A massive block of iron ore (Saturn corresponds to the grade of lead or black iron) weighing 6 tons sits in the center of the room glimmering like ice inside a shaft of light coming from above. It is surrounded by 12 benches designed by Carl Malmsten, a Swedish furniture designer and architect.

Sweden donated the 6-ton iron ore stone altar to the UN as a sign of permanence in a world of change. It is a reminder of the UN’s goal to bring peace to the world and is now a gathering place for regular events to acknowledge those who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of peace.

There are several groups in New York that support the spiritual and values dimension at the United Nations. The Aquarian Age Community has held public meetings since 1999 and sends out a monthly e-letter on the spiritual work of the UN. They also hold regular meditations on the spiritual work of the UN and the liberation of humanity.


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