March 21, 2024

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening

As people begin their spiritual awakening process, many may feel unease or discontentment as the first stages of change become evident. This process allows the soul to unburden itself of things no longer serving it and open itself up to new possibilities.

At this stage, it's not unusual to question long-held beliefs and values as your world view broadens to incorporate an expanded view of reality. Additionally, this period offers an opportunity to investigate different religions, philosophies, perspectives and seek deeper meaning within life.

At this stage, one may experience disenchantment with superficial spiritual teachings, leading to frustration with what you perceive to be false promises or "faux spiritual BS". Now is an opportune time to deepen one's connection to divine through meditation, prayer or other spiritual practices - finding deep inner peace, bliss and love along the way.

The next stage is called the Illuminative Stage, and involves entering into a state of contemplation to see deeper meaning behind everything happening in your life. At this point, mindfulness of present moments should increase and your ego should loosen as you develop greater unity with universe. At this point, spiritual helpers such as mentoring or healing others are beginning to emerge on their journeys.


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