February 7, 2024

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can be a profound life-altering experience that is often precipitated by tragedies, traumas, major life changes or health crises. Upon initiating it, however, awakening requires deep inner transformation that transforms both worldview and mindset and may result in discovering "higher truths" or permanent positive changes within your life. But spiritual awakening doesn't come easily; it takes patience as well as the courage to face unpleasant realities like pain along its journey.

As part of spiritual awakening, your worldview may be challenged and you may become disoriented by new information and experiences that may seem confusing and uncomfortable at times. Additionally, any painful memories or events you had previously pushed under the carpet might resurface as healing occurs and moving forward becomes possible - known as The Dark Night of the Soul by some. This process can often feel cumbersome to navigate successfully for those navigating it alone.

As part of your transition into adulthood, it's likely you will start questioning everything from politics and consumerism to people's intentions and how they act around you. Your perception may change significantly during this time and it is essential that you trust your intuition and listen to your gut instinct when making these important decisions.

Undergoing this stage may also increase your senses and awareness, and make you feel more connected to nature. Kaiser and Richardson note that you will also develop more empathy towards other humans; moreover, with your enhanced intuition you'll be better at sensing any inauthenticity or manipulation occurring around you.


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