March 24, 2024

The Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometry that invites us to align ourselves with cosmic forces of abundance, harmony, and enlightenment. It serves as an effective way of tapping into the infinite energy of the universe to manifest our worldly desires and manifest them. Wearing jewelry bearing this symbol has been said to bring good luck and fortune; wearing one during meditation helps focus and concentrate the mind as it encourages its flow - it may even align chakras for better flow!

Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles arranged in a central figure, four facing upward and five pointing downward, with the point where these overlap known as bindu. When pointed upwards they contain divine feminine energy while when facing downwards they carry divine masculine energies.

The outer square symbolizes stability, providing a protective boundary around the inner yantra. In Sanskrit this square is known as Trailokya Mohana; additionally it acts as the basis of Hindu tradition's root chakra symbol.

The Shiva Yantra is a symbolic representation of male energy found within human organisms above the soma chakra in the Sahasrar Chakra. The central triangle, or Bindu, represents Shiva as well as Unity itself - it represents creation itself. Once filled by consciousness however, another level of Unity emerges which divides into its three components of rishi (observer), devata (process of knowing), and chanda (object of knowing).


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