February 1, 2024

The Sri Yantra - The Nine-Tiered Diagram of Divinity

The Sri Yantra, more commonly referred to as Lalita Sahasranama (nine-tier diagram of divinity), is an object of devotion in Sri Vidya tradition and serves as an effective symbol that brings prosperity, spirituality, wealth and success in all areas of life - while helping individuals move past any limitations or fears.

A central power point, or "bindu", is surrounded by nine overlapping triangles of various sizes; these nine yantras form nine concentric levels radiating out from it to represent divine union on infinite levels. Each of the nine yantras depict various aspects or deities associated with divinity - each has unique interlocking forms to symbolize this idea.

Sri yantra contains four circuits of these outer fourteen triangles that correspond with energy channels in the subtle body that carry vital life force known as prana prana that sustain and give life to physical organisms. Each outer triangle corresponds with one of fourteen etheric nerves or nadis that run along our central axis of existence, each being represented by one overlapping triangle from this outer set.

The central power point or bindu is often represented as a dot of pure consciousness or the Self, carrying vibrations from all of its yantras surrounding it. Each shape and yantra corresponds with an aspect or deity represented by that yantra.


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