March 31, 2024

The Spiritual Aims of Tantra Yoga

tantra yoga

Tantra yoga combines Hindu practices such as Kundalini awakening, Shakti energy work and chakra balancing with chanting and meditative practice into one practice that has become widely associated with sexually explicit sex in the West. However, its spiritual aims extend far beyond merely creating exhilarating sexual experiences - it can balance doshas (body/mind energy balancers), strengthen body and mind connections, reduce stress/anxiety levels while improving mental clarity and leading us closer to understanding who we truly are as individuals!

Tantra yoga seeks to comprehend both Shiva (masculine energy that remains static over time) and Shakti (feminine creative force). Tantra practitioners look to understand how these energies interplay in our experiences every day.

Tantra also emphasizes that there is no escape from this world of opposites; instead, our job is to love and transform it. This realization draws many yoga yogis to Tantra.

As with any form of yoga, to experience the full benefits of tantra yoga requires time and dedication from you. Find an experienced teacher to guide your through this complex system of Yoga; just as learning an instrument takes patience and perseverance before mastery occurs; tantra yoga too requires patience and devotion until desired results can be experienced - but once achieved they may prove life-altering!


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