March 19, 2023

The Silva Method - A Meditation Technique That Can Help You Achieve Your Desired Goals

silva method meditation

The Silva Method is a powerful meditation technique that can help you achieve your desired goals. It has been studied in universities and is scientifically proven to provide consistent success in your career and personal life, unshakable health and happiness.

The method is based on three principles: Alpha and Theta states of mind, Power of healing imagery and Desire Believe And Expect Thought Process. These principles are designed to train your brain to be in the state of mind that is most conducive to success and to allow your subconscious mind to create a plan that will help you reach your goal.

Several medical practitioners have been trained in the Silva Method and have reported amazing results. For example, renowned cancer therapy researcher, O Carl Simonton, says that patients who use the Silva Method have a "natural" ability to heal themselves and others.

Long term benefits of silva method include arousing one's natural healing capacity and empowering them to achieve their goals with zeal and enthusiasm. It also arouses their confidence in themselves and gives them a sense of authority over their lives.

This unique system is a result of the brain-wave research of Jose Silva, a Laredo, Texas electronics repairman and parapsychologist. The Silva Mind Control Program is a self-help technique that has been taught in over one hundred countries and has graduated more than 10 million students over a period of three to four decades.


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