March 22, 2024

The Relationship Between Mindfulness and Spirituality

Mindfulness is an effective practice to increase presence in each present moment and reduce worries or tension about future or past events. Furthermore, mindfulness helps increase spirituality by connecting you to your inner self.

Studies have demonstrated the many mental health advantages associated with mindfulness practice. Studies show it to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and reactivity as well as increase positive emotions such as happiness and well-being; sleep improvement; immune system function improvement as well as pain reduction in the body. Additionally mindfulness promotes healing of any injuries sustained.

Spirituality encompasses an expansive set of beliefs, practices, and experiences encompassing religion, ethics, philosophy and personal meaning making and self-discovery. Spirituality may also refer to the pursuit of wisdom and well-being for self, others and the wider world (Richards et al. 2009).

One study has determined that increased mindfulness is associated with greater spirituality, likely because mindfulness allows you to observe and accept your thoughts and emotions without judgment, leading to an experience of transcendental presence or unity with all beings.

This study explored the relationship between mindfulness and spirituality using participants of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction's larger meditation-oriented intervention. Results demonstrated that greater mindfulness predicted higher scores on the Daily Spiritual Experiences Scale - a 16-item scale designed to measure everyday spiritual experiences across religions - while an exploratory mediation model suggested increased spirituality was responsible for improvements both mental health and mindfulness after this intervention.


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