March 23, 2023

The Power of Daily Meditation

jft daily meditation

The Power of Daily Meditation

Many people in recovery rely on a daily meditation or prayer to help them remain focused and maintain spiritual balance. Whether it’s the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Quran, Hindu or Buddhist scripture, or a more modern daily affirmation, these texts have a profound impact on us and can guide our thoughts, moods and behavior throughout the day.

The Just For Today (JFT) meditation is a staple in Narcotics Anonymous, and it helps addicts focus on recovery one day at a time. It offers a short reflection on a quote from NA literature followed by a closing intention or affirmation for each day of the year.

JFT is available on NA websites around the world and can be incorporated into meetings in cities everywhere, helping reciters start their day with a positive mindset. Some people choose to read the readings in the morning while they’re getting ready, while others find it helpful to recite them before bed.

How to Use a Just For Today Meditation

To reap the benefits of the JFT, it's important to pick a time in the day when you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your mind clear. A quiet place is essential, ideally in your home, office or garden where you can be free of distractions.

A few deep breaths are also beneficial, as they create calm and focus in the brain. And saying the JFT out loud is an added bonus, as it reinforces your words to anyone within earshot, and makes them feel even more powerful.


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